The three A's: Atmosphere, Accessories, and A glass of wine. A great outdoor space start with the basics and evolves into a personality. Tables and chairs are the rocks but were exploring the building blocks that make it feel like a second home. Finding your style is hard when there are thousands of places to start, so take a look at the list below for essential places to begin.

All pieces described below can be purchased exclusively from Brick Wood and Iron.


Mini Is Important

The biggest struggle with purchasing a grill for your small outdoor space is that they take up too much room. And on top of that, do we entirely know how to use one or want to clean it? That’s where mini comes in. Balcony sized grills are perfect for staying out of the way and optimizing all the space you have. Start your summertime Friday night swarey they best way (with food) and minimize the work it actually takes to cook something fantastic.

Does this even take convincing? Grills are listed as #1 because they provide us with the most wonderful joy in this world, GRILLED FOOD. Burgers, shish kabobs, fish, corn on the cob, cheeseburgers (much different than burgers), veggies, shrimp, burgers again, chicken thighs. If your mouth is not watering yet, we can keep going… Anyways, Brick Wood and Iron wants to make these food dreams come true with the ability to bring the grill to a small outdoor space.

…That takes us to our next point, foooood!

After the grill, the pie iron is the second piece you must have for your outdoor space. This hidden gem of the camping world is perfect for sandwiches, s’mores, and melted cheesy anything. But what is a pie iron, how does it work, and why do I want this?

Easy- The pie iron is basically a cast iron pan meets panini press. However, it offers a lot more control with your ingredients. It doesn’t get simpler than this… Step 1: In the two cast iron pieces of the pie iron, fit any type of breads, waffles, wraps, or base of your imagination. Step 2: Fill with whatever your heart desires. Step 3: Clasp the pie iron together and place over the grill (Now your see why #1 on the list is so important). Make gourmet, versatile meals with easy clean up and storage. Feeling lazy? The pie iron can be used over a gas stove top as well. Check out the full guide here

Cast Iron

pie iron with sandwich


Like we’ve said, the world is your oyster with a pie iron. And the amazing thing is that 90% of people don’t know what it is. Find dozens of recipes we’ve determined at A++ quality here to spark your imagination.

Summer time grilling is getting an upgrade with the pie iron… And so is your porch game. Make apps on apps on apps and even some impressive entrees. Since there is a 100% chance that your friends don’t own a pie iron – your the queen of summer cooking.


We have mood lighting as #3 to bring the cozy, warm atmosphere of a summer night to life. An outdoor space just isn’t right without a faux star-y night made up of entirely string lights. There is something magical about sitting under the handing bulbs, reading a book, drinking wine, or laughing with friends. Their faint orange luminescence is almost better than the hot summer sun. If you own 1 set or 100, your definitely not crazy (this is your blog post reassurance).

Lets not be,  Unoriginal

We must say it… Christmas lights do not count. Ok, we’re kind of boogie with lightning but Edison bulb is where its at. Picture this: Thursday night, dozens upon dozens of faint vintage Edison lights hanging above your head. Each one softly glowing, like a candle, some draping lower than others. A record playing softly from inside, a glass of red wine, warm summer breezy. If that isn’t sexy than I don’t know what is.

Fine fine, we will admit this- Christmas lights do have their place but, you definitely need an adequate mix. Remember were looking for style n’ SPICE protruding off your porch.

So, there is a lot to say about lighting and we’ve only scratched the surface. Lighting is where your personality shines but is easily overlooked by the decorator. The most simple design and attention to detail always make the loudest noise (figuratively, lights can’t make noise). Lets start here- do you love color, brightness, pattern, shapes? Choose lighting that will illuminate the mood your are looking to portray. The fun thing about lighting is the more the better. You’ll never need to worry about “too much” that is overpowering the space. Also, lighting doesn’t need to match. The more variety in light design, the less accessories you need to fill the space.

What beautiful things.. or should we say beautiful if you can keep them alive. Oh the struggle. Anyways, almost tied for 3rd place is plants. However, these wonderful creatures (?) are strategically places at #4 because they life-en up the almost perfect porch that you have designed. We don’t need to tell you twice how much color and texture they can being. Therefore, we are here to tell you that you need some cool pottery to put them in.

Planters are a pretty simple porch item but they have the capability to make a patio come alive. In this case I preach that MORE is MORE. More planters more fun. Depending on if you have a deck, patio, Juliet balcony, or rooftop space you can get creative with the placement and sizes of planters. With railing and floor planters use simple colors – brown, tan, white – and stay away from dark blues or black. We want the space to appear bright, lively, and screaming with color from your plants.

Plants, not pants 

Versatile, cool, easy – this plant is basically the living version of the pie iron. We especially love the cactus because of the Spanish/ Desert aura they emulate. The cactus makes the color from your plants pop as they simplify the space. They’re sister plant, the succulent, is also great for adding shape and texture alongside your jungle of other plants. But warning!! beware of water, these things are not the biggest fan.  Last but not least lets not forget about vines. You don’t call them potted plants but we sure do. One planters is all you need and then – grow baby grow. Across railings, up buildings, or hanging from the sky, vines make your space actually alive.


Herbs, tomatoes; sunflowers, grocery store flowers; fiddle-leaf figs, succulents; weeds… Whatever your personality there is a plant out there for you. Although there is no wrong choice I am here to tell you that there is a better choice and that is the CACTI.


So if you’ve made it to the bottom of this page then you now know that the 5th essential piece you need for your outdoor space is flooring! The reason we placed this one at #5 is because some spaces already have great floors. Or with all the additions of light, food, and plants, the flooring is the one piece that is used to balance out the complexity.

Wood vs. Tile

The polls are open, who will win?! Ok so I think we know based on the one question – who want to install tile? No, me either. However, tile is gorgeous and that is why we use it for inspiration. If you haven’t noticed a theme yet Brick Wood and Iron loves color, design, and culture. And tile work it a true show of personality.

Tile – Perfect as the center piece for the outdoor space. Mix unmatched patterns and colors, live a little! Recycle and refurbish tiles from old projects or find unique pieces from thrift shops. Wood – Experiment with stain, texture, and grain. Who said wood can’t be exciting? Play off the tones of your other accent pieces to complement their color.

yellow and blue tile wall with exposed brick


Wood, tile, or cement flooring is a great neutral base to pile on color. However, if your style is speaking to you in reverse then why not start from the bottom and go up?  We’ve already determined that title is a lot of effort but if your DIY spirt wants the challenge then spice up your patio with LOTS of pattern and color. Or, the simple alternative? Outdoor carpet. 

However, if your renting or working with a slab of concrete then we’re here to help a sista/ brotha out.  Tile or wooden floor blocks are a perfect way to change a space without getting into a 4 days project that we give up half way through. Outdoor carpet is also great for avoiding splinters, covering ugly, or adding comfy.


Purchase all five starter pieces to get your outdoor space started or refreshed. Purchase all 5 at once and receive 15% off your order.



Receive the latest news and updates from Brick Wood and Iron. Trust me, they'll be cool and you'll want to know. 



Receive the latest news and updates from Brick Wood and Iron. Trust me, they'll be cool and you'll want to know. 



Receive the latest news and updates from Brick Wood and Iron. Trust me, they'll be cool and you'll want to know.