How Chicago does Patios

Skyscraper views and the beach in one afternoon? There is apparently more to this city than deep dish. 
Chicago doesn’t have the best rep but we’ve come to learn that this is a bit of a hoax from Midwestern-ers to keep rent cheap and traffic moving. Sure, Chicago gets cold but they’ve tricked us all that this is a 4 out of 4 seasons thing. Summer in this city is 75 and sunny plus you can get skylines and beaches in one afternoon. If your a tapas and wine lover this is definitely the place for you with patios and rooftops galore. Book a one way ticket to this under discovered city and only come back once the snow kicks you out. We are here to debunk these Summertime lies and show you how this city gets down during Chicago patio season. Lots of rooftops, wine, and sunburn occurred in the taking of these photos.

Midwestern-ers like to keep the summer vibes of this city under wraps.

“Tall towers, hard corners, and sharp elbows…

And, of course, food. Chicago is a town, a city that doesn’t ever have to measure itself against any other city. Other places have to measure themselves against it. It’s big, it’s outgoing, it’s tough, it’s opinionated, and everybody’s got a story.” – Anthony Bourdain

Escape the city with town homes and rooftops 

If you’ve never been to Chicago then the words skyscraper, backyards, and picnics on the beach shouldn’t all belong in the same sentence. However, you can easily visit all three in on Saturday afternoon. Chicago’s public transportation is also the best in the country. And when we say that we mean the you won’t get hella lost or mugged or sticky after a ride on the bus or train. Its clean (enough), fast, and full of normal people. This city also kills patio season since summer is like Heaven here. Every bar, restaurant, apartment, and open grassy space somehow turn into a Chicago patio from June to August.
Sweet & Simple
Want glam and glitter? Then the Chicago Loop is a breathtaking place right on the river with 5 star restaurants and cocktail lounges. On the other hand you can take a trip to the wild side, or 20 minutes north, and the city completely changes. Beautiful brick town homes, cute cafes, and dogs parks everywhere. Chicago magically changes into a bustling suburb of trendy restaurants and neighborhood bars. If your really feeling adventurous devote some time to the several districts of the city. Hipsterville aka Wicker Park, Foodie Central aka West Loop, or Baseball Hall of Fame aka Wrigglyville are some great starters. Rooftops may require some sneaking up to but the ground floor Chicago patios are plentiful.

A City built of Brick, wood, and iron… what a COINCIDENCE. 

If you ask any Chicagoan they would agree that the Great Chicago Fire actually saved this city. Rebuilt from the ground up with beautiful brownstone apartments, modern architecture, and tasteful design. Here at Brick Wood and Iron we respect the elements and see beauty in its simplicity. Balconies hang from 90% of all buildings and alleyways feel like a big ole backyards lined with porches.

Blue skies, lakes, and music 

You know Chicago has the blues music but who knew there were blue skies and lakes too?? Neither did we but, we have collected photo proof it exists. A mile north of the Loop and you my friend have some Instagram gold. One hundred dollars to the friend who can talk your way up to the dozens of rooftops pools. However if your not so lucky there are hotel bars and viewing decks that will get you where you want to be. Another don’t miss summer spot is the beach! You’d be surprised but this goes missed quite often. Take your pick from rowdy beach party to sippin’ on rosé to BBQing with the fam. Chicago’s entire coast is lined with beaches for you to choose from. Lake Shore Drive also offers you some pretty amazing views and 5 miles to pretend like your on the Pacific Coast Highway.
We got the views.
If you haven’t be convinced yet than you might be color blind because these views are incredible. Looking over the park, across baseball fields, and into a lake full of sailboats is as summertime patio season as it gets. Or sitting on the riverwalk watching boats drift by while sipping on some wine… yas.
If you find yourself in Chicago in early August you must check out the Air and Water Show. It’s pretty hard to miss as U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds fly 700 mph above head. Get yourself a spot on the beach, in the park, on a boat, or on top of a rooftop if your lucky. Add in some beers and hot dogs and your basically a local. The Chicago Architecture Tour is also one of a kind. It’s not entirely full of tourists because the views are so great and (little know secret) its BYOB 😉 If you didn’t get a chance to explore the city on the river then you’ve actually missed out. Book yourself a new flight just to add this to the itinerary. Chicago houses some of the worlds greatest innovations and experiments in modern architecture. Get inspired through the incredible design and urbanicity this city has created.

Behind the Scenes

on patios and in alleyways

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    We had no idea how much we loved fried chicken and negroni slushies, but Parson s knows us better than we know ourselves. That must be how they created our dream patio with charming red-striped umbrellas.


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