How NYC does Patios

A picture speaks 1,000 words and is cheaper than a $300 flight to the concrete jungle. Feast your eyes on the flair of NYC’s patio season style.
New York City. What a place. If you’ve never been then we hope to guide you through pieces of the 13.4 mile island. So small but more life, culture, and curiosity than you’ll find in all 50 states. *However, we have not been to Texas and we assume life there is quite big*. We have only tapped into a tiny part of what this city holds but thats why we just have to keep going back, right? As the city is a mecca of food, drinks, and art it makes it easy to stumble upon something you’ll love. This city also expands across the walls of Manhatten and stretches east into Brooklyn and west to Hoboken, New Jersey. You don’t need to plan anything when you come here and its honestly much better that way. Sure there are the classic spots to hit – Time Square, Central Park – but we are looking down random street corners to find out how NYC does patio season.

dOES A Fire escape COUNT AS A balcony?

It is almost impossible to find an apartment without a fire escape in NYC. We don’t think were legally allowed to call it a balcony but, it might be the closest your going to get. With rent prices in the thousands square footage comes at a cost. However if you’ve got the friends or the cash then you could find yourself gazing across some of the most incredible views of the city. Although New Yorkers can’t add furniture or grills to their fire escapes like a balcony, they are great places to sit outside and sip some wine or chat with friends. We are guilty of some 2am pizza slices being devoured from 10 stories up.

Markets are indoors and outdoors at the same time.

We don’t have to tell you twice but tons of culture means tons of foooood. What an amazing thing. Anything and everything you want, you can find within the 13.4 miles of Manhatten. One of our favorite stops is Chelsea Market famous for trendy restaurants, gourmet food, and picture worthy building designs. This market is also stocked with stores, flower shops, wine bars, tapas, ice cream stands… we could go on forever. Nestled on the west side of the island you and your food baby can walk along the river after your indulgence is over.


Sidewalk turn Patio

The city that never sleeps also means that the food and drinks are also endless. Night Owls can enjoy pancakes at 3am and Early Risers can stuff their face with a Gyro after a 7am jog in the park. It’s probably best that we don’t live in this city because self control would be nearly impossible. However, since were tourists the limit of meals consumed does not exist. Since food and drink options are endless and everyone has a different taste we can’t even list the number of places to check out. BUT we will leave you with this. When visiting the great lands of NYC you must try a Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese Bagel (trust us) and Baked Ziti Pizza. Your welcome. 


1,000 Square Foot Apartment, a Fairytale by New Yorkers

As a visitor we only hear how small the apartments are and how high the rent is. We like to pretend this is just a crazy overused statement to stop people from moving into the city. We also like to pretend that these beautiful apartment buildings are three story walk ups and not 16 individual studio apartments at $3,000 a pop. A girl can dream. 

If you ever get the chance to look up without being trampled by speedy New Yorkers, check out the rooftop swag of the city. Not sure if you can sneak your way up to one without direct access but its amazing to see how New Yorkers make nothing into something. Trees are hard to find on the streets of NYC but up in the air they are plentiful! Sting lights hung from water towers and grills lined up, we wouldn’t hate to be in attendance to one of these Friday nigh parties. 

Strolling around East Village, near 1st and 14th we came across a very rare sight- an apartment with outdoor patio space!! If you’ve ever been to NYC than you know this is as rare as going to The Spotted Pig without a wait. The little space was gardened with as many flowers as humanly possible and a small table hidden within the foliage. If we were the renter of this building we’d definitely put that space up for auction to neighbors wanting to enjoy Saturday afternoon mimosas on the patio. 

Aside from their balcony like capabilities, the aesthetic of thousands of fire escapes across every apartments is iconic to NYC. No other metropolitan city in the world has the architectural design like New York does. Sure, part of the reason is because space is so limited they needed to improvise somewhere but none the least, they’re pretty cool. If your really lucky your apartment might have a communal rooftop space to chill and grill. But if not, I’m sure you can find a way up there anyways.

Vintage flair hidden in corners

Farmers Markets A-La NYC

NYC, the land of where you can find ANYTHING your heart desires. Including the freshest veggies from around the world. Take a stroll through Midtown for the the most seasonal fruits and veggies from the tri-state area. Upstate New York is too too far to venture over to yourself so let the bustling street vendors to the heavy lifting for you.

Looking for seafood and bok choy straight from Asia? Take a walk south to Chinatown of course! Find fish flown fresh from Tokyo and sea creatures that have you second guessing as aliens. Warning: you should relatively know what your looking for because these street vendors are a little intimidating when I comes to selling their exclusive selections. 

Finally, want to transport to Italy for the afternoon (or is Chinatown is a bit too much)? Look no further than Little Italy. Cannolis and gelato line the streets to create dessert Heaven. Grab a bottle of wine, baguette, and block of cheese and post up on a quite patio to people watch. Not quite a street vendor, farmers market, but eh we can pretend.



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Receive the latest news and updates from Brick Wood and Iron. Trust me, they'll be cool and you'll want to know. 



Receive the latest news and updates from Brick Wood and Iron. Trust me, they'll be cool and you'll want to know. 



Receive the latest news and updates from Brick Wood and Iron. Trust me, they'll be cool and you'll want to know.