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Bohemian culture, pink mountains, chill vibes, incredible diving, and endless beach cafes. Dahab, Egypt is the best kept secret in the world… so don’t tell anyone after reading.

The hippie Bohemian town you always wished for 

Dahab is the perfect hippie backpackers town on Egypts Sinai Peninsula that hasn’t been overrun by tourists. Only a short drive from the popular town of Sharm El- Sheikh, you will find much more beach lounging Egyptians, incredible snorkeling/ diving, and beachside cafes. The perfect thing to do while here is nothing. Let time devour you while you gaze at the pink mountains of Saudi Arabia in the distance, sip coffee, and smoke Sheesha (Hooka). 

Dahab is the yoga, swimmers, & sunbathers paradise. Bike rentals are plentiful, take free- diving lessons, or get scuba certified for the the lowest price in the world. If you are vegetarian or vegan there are dozens of restaurants that serve up incredible Middle Eastern cuisine and international dishes. With a big focus on sustainability, eco-friendly hangouts make up most of the town. But don’t worry- meat lovers are not forgotten. Load up on $1 shawarma sandwiches and incredibly fresh fish.

the all seeing eye, Crystals & yoga kinda vibes

“The place where you get lost in time and stay waaay longer then intended” -Everyone

Getting Here: Only a handful of ways to arrive to Dahab which makes it a less popular travel destination. It is reserved for only the truest boho beach seekers. Making this an authentic town with preservation of the environment. 

1) Fly into Sharm El- Sheikh airport on the Sinai Peninsula. Take a taxi, bus, car from Sharm to Dahab (approx. 2 hours drive). Buses are very frequent and safe to utilize. 

2) Fly into Cairo airport on the mainland of Egypt. Take a bus or car to the Sinai Peninsula where Dahab is located. This drive is about 12 hours so it’s preferable to travel overnight.

3) Last, the most exciting mode of transit, and our method of arrive… walk into Egypt from Israel! Trust us, it’s a bucket list method of arrival and totally safe! Fly into the town of Eilat, Israel and walk into Taba, Egypt. The town of Eilat, Israel is an upscale expat beach town mostly filled with Russian tourists. You can spend a day wandering the beach and shopping- then head to the boarder. The boarder crossing feels like passing through an upscale hotel, with duty-free shopping and private cards for hire. Once you arrive in Taba you can spend the evening in the private beach town or choose from several desert campsites between Taba and Dahab. If your strapped for time head straight to Dahab via bus which is approx. 2.5 hours long. 


Lounge on the red sea with unbelievable views

Beaches: Dahab is a small town, walkable from top to bottom in about an hour and a half. That’s why planning for a trip here is not required. Stroll around town and stop and the best cafe or beach that catches your eye. Trust us, you can’t go wrong! At the most north part of Dahab you can find the beach named Blue Lagoon which is has calmer water and is perfect for swimming or kite surfing. Towards the center of town is where most of the beach cafes are located. Grab a coffee and a lounge chair and soak up the rays for hours on end. Finally- at the mid to southern most part of town is where snorkeling is the best. Beaches are more private so come here if you want the truest escape. 

Visit the nearby beach oasis of Ras abu galum

Ras Abu Galum is the Egyptian oasis about a 30 min drive north of Dahab. If Dahab isn’t remote enough for you, Abu Galum is calling your name. The secluded beach town is home to only a handful of campsites, cafes, and lounges. Spend the day or stay overnight to experience the most incredible display of stars you have ever seen. With no hotels, homes, or artificial light the start lite sky is out of this world. Rent a campsite from one of the Bedouin (local) people and hut, sleeping bag, mats, blankets, and pillows is included for around $3 per night.

Getting here: There are two main ways to arrive to this secret beach town.

1) Starting in Dahab, you can rent a taxi or drive north for about 30 min across the single desert road to Abu Galum. This should cost you about $10. This route takes you on the main road and surpasses other beaches along the way.

2) Highly recommended! Starting in Dahab you can take a taxi or bicycle to the town half way between Dahab and Abu Galum- called the Blue Hole. This tiny beach town is home to one of the most famous diving/ snorkeling spots in the world- The Blue Hole. An enormous crater in the ocean floor that is consumed by fish and corals. Spend a few hours here to swim then continue onto Abu Galum. You can either hike to the beach town (highly highly recommended) or take a boat. The hike will take along the coast and to explore incredible landscapes and shells galore (approx. 2-3 hours depending how many times you stop for pics). The boat ride follows the same path but will take you a short 20 min to arrive. We hiked to Abu Galum and boated back- for the indecisive traveler.   

Sensory overload Exploring the streets of Dahab 

Chaos Made Beautiful

Where To Eat: If you must plan one part of your time in Dahab then eating out is always a safe bet. Most restaurants do not accept reservations but this beachy town provides many things to do while you wait. For breakfast check out Ralph’s German Bakery for great pastries, although expat owned (if the name didn’t give it away) the food is amazing. For coffee try one of the endless cafes along the beach– Turkish coffee is not the obvious but the best choice to order. Everyday Cafe is on the more expensive side, but they have a falafel breakfast that’s large enough for 5 and an incredible coffee barista. And call us crazy but falafel is a breakfast food! However Egyptians have adapted to our weird ways of consumption and serve it all all hours of the day. The best falafel can be found at Yum Yum restaurant or in the locals central marketplace at Asala Square (you won’t miss it). Rule of thumb is the more run down the street vendor, the better the falafel. Prices should be around $1.50 per sandwich!  

Popular spots in the center of town include Red Cat and Athanor which both serve trendy menus of international cuisine along with plenty of vegetarian options. For something unique visit Slow Food as it is one of our favorites. You must put in your order a day early so the chef can prepare the meal all day. Seating is only about 5 people so get there early! The Vegan Lab is another personal fav as you would NEVER guess the food is non-meat non- dairy. Finally, the best Sheesha (Hooka) lounge that you MUST try while in Egypt is at Yambo Cafe. For something a little more local, a “no-name” cafe lives directly across the street which has backgammon and BYOF (bring your own food). Last but not least is Sheesh Beesh Cafe which has great Sheesha and the national dish- Koshari… a vegetarian pasta/ bean/ friend onion bowl of deliciousness. 

Dahab: the town you should anticipate never leaving…


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Receive the latest news and updates from Brick Wood and Iron. Trust me, they'll be cool and you'll want to know. 



Receive the latest news and updates from Brick Wood and Iron. Trust me, they'll be cool and you'll want to know.